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Savage Feast

Focaccia, olive oil, salt, pepper

Echoes from the last year _ Kelp vichyssoise with sanshō pepper

Tartar _ Old dairy cow, gochujang mayo, roasted rice, styrian salmon caviar, toasted brioche

Tongue, tender and sweet _ Veal tongue in cherry kernel glaze, charred young cabbage 

Fish dish _ Dry aged adriatic sea bass, koji rice beurre blanc de blanc, young peas

If my mom was French #2 _ Pithivier with kimchi, oyster sauce egg and pork blood sausage

Afterlife _ Dry aged old dairy cow sirloin, young potato & aged gruyere cream 

Seasonal fruits

Bobby brown goes down _ Kelp & cacao semifreddo, dulce de leche, Ayuuk Empirical Spirits 



Wine pairing 44,-

Corkage fee 22,-

We are all savages.

The 18th century Enlightenment philosophers believed in Noble Savage – an idealised concept of an indigene, wild human, who symbolises the innate goodness and has not been corrupted by civilization, free from sin and a concept of right and wrong.

Cuisine at Noble Savage is cosmopolitan and independent from stereotypes. At our restaurant we cherish high quality and culinary value of organic ingredients grown with love on small family owned farms. Therefore our food is rather simple yet sophisticated, focused on the natural taste and flavour of vegetables, herbs, grains, dairy and some rare meats. We worship slow and dedicated handcraft. Good food is our belief.

Igor Kuznetsov, chef / owner


Our partners & friends

Tristan Toe & Jahwezi Graf, Gars/Thunau am Kamp: Vegetables –

Robert Brodnjak & Claudia Detz, Grußmugl: Vegetables – Intagram: krautwerk_farm

X.O. Beef: Old milk cows meat – Instagram: x.o.beef_

Gastro Fisch Brač: Wild-caught adriatic fish – https:// Instagram: gasrofischbrac

Oivia & Tobias Micke, Puchberg am Schneeberg: Lamb, Goose – 

Gertrude Henzl (Henzls Ernte): Foraged wild herbs & fruits – 

Robert Paget, Diendorf am Kamp: Buffalo and goat cheese – 

Andrzej Koch, Der Schweizer, Wien: International cheeses – 

Gregor Neumeyer, Gerasdorf bei Wien, Rice – Instagram: oesterereis Various farmers products – Instagram:

Enrico Bachechi: Wines – Instagram: vinifero_naturweine

Markus Belina: Web & Design – Instagram: thesanmarco 

Ioana Negulescu: Media & Communication – Instagram: berriesandspice 

Hye Lee: Art & Illustration – Instagram: tintenloffel


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